Harry Kurvinen

- Massage Therapist

I’m a Finnish Massage Therapist and a Personal Trainer. I also have a degree in Pharmacy.
I'm trained in Classic, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Sports and Seated On-Site massage as well as Reflexology. I also use specifically designed exercises and stretching to alleviate musculoskeletal problems. All my treatments are individually tailored to the client and their body’s specific needs.

In my practise I am committed to ongoing professional education and training so as to provide the most corrective and therapeutic treatments for my clients. Currently I am studying and training in traditional Finnish bone-setting therapy (Kalevalainen
Jäsenkorjaus) which is an effective mobilisation therapy for musculoskeletal disorders.

For contact
Email: harrykurvinen@gmail.com
Phone: +34 605 291 220

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