Facial Treatments

Who is Massada suitable for?

For every skin type and different skin needs,
young and adult skin, men and women.



Bio Cellular
An organic facial that is suitable as the first Massada treatment for all
skin types. The treatment uses eco-certified organic products.
Includes an energizing Tuina massage. After the treatment, your skin will be

soft and completely moisturized.
Especially suitable for drought-prone and sensitive skin.

Hyaluronic Acid
A firming, moisturizing and skin-protecting facial that treats and prevents. Includes Japanese-style Kobido facial massage. This massage technique enhances blood circulation, the removal of waste products, and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and brings oxygen to the tissues, which has an immediate lifting effect.
Also removes signs of fatigue and smoothes the skin.
The active ingredient in the treatment is hyaluronic acid.

Pearl Perfection
This treatment is perfect for brides and anyone, for example, who want fast visible results with just one treatment.
Your skin will immediately look brighter, more pliable and softer.

The brightening and moisturizing treatment is suitable for the treatment of couperosa, pigment changes and uneven skin color.
The treatment makes the skin look radiant and well-being.

Sensitive Skin
This facial is specially designed for sensitive skin. Gentle exfoliation, skin strengthening products and
A soothing mask will make your skin look balanced and spherical. Prebiotics improve the skin's own bacterial flora.

Oily Skin
This facial treatment is suitable for oily and combination skin. The natural ingredients balance and soothe the skin.
Effective exfoliation and deep cleansing face mask together with other care products that makes the skin look healthy.

Essential Care
This comprehensive facial treatment moisturizes, softens and soothes the skin.
Treatment suitable for all skin types. It strengthens the skin protection and moisture balance.

Intensive care for aging skin. The individually packaged ampoules for treatment contain a large amount of active substances, which immediately firm and moisturize the skin.
The deep-acting facial treatment is especially suitable for dryness, fine lines and sagging skin.

A quick facial treatment that is especially suitable before sunbathing. Cleansing, skin rejuvenating exfoliation and antioxidants.
Ends with a Presun cream that prepares the skin for an even tan and protects from the sun’s UV rays.

Moisturizing, nourishing and balancing facial treatment made with products designed for men.
Antioxidant and skin rejuvenating ingredients gives the skin energy and vitality.

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